Vimeo Case Study: Enhancing company compliance, and reducing risk while developing strong and lasting partnerships with Elevate Security

Tiffany Schoenike

Published on 25 June 2020


Olivia Fowora, IT Compliance Manager at Vimeo, is an innovator when it comes to cybersecurity. Starting her compliance career, Fowora was constantly looking for creative ways to engage her team, enhance company compliance, and reduce risk while developing strong and lasting partnerships within her team and company. 

One of Fowora’s first security vendor partnerships that she inked after joining Vimeo, was Elevate Security, a vendor that she was familiar with from her time at a previous employer. “I knew Elevate Security, was pleased with the product, and knew that it would be a valuable addition to my security arsenal at Vimeo – it was an easy decision and one I made almost immediately,” said Fowora.


Fowora had a few hurdles to tackle after joining Vimeo. The security team was new and she had to build everything from scratch. Fowora didn’t want to build just any team/program, she wanted to build a security awareness program that engaged, inspired, and motivated without using fear tactics.

Engaging Teams

As a way to enhance awareness and engagement in security, Fowora and her team created and executed Vimeo’s first Security Games that kicked off in late 2019. Elevate Security’s Hacker’s Mind game was a part of this program, allowing teams within Vimeo to get inside of a Hacker’s Mind based on real threats within Vimeo’s infrastructure. “People loved the game. They were so engaged during the game and after the game we saw a tremendous increase in the number of employees who were reporting incidents, it was pretty amazing and rewarding to see,” commented Fowora.

Personalized Nudging

Fowora and her team worked closely with Elevate Security to send company wide Pulse communications to Vimeo employees. These emails, personalized to each and every employee, show the employees their scores related to their security behaviors (using Vimeo’s data) and also use techniques like positive reinforcement and social proof to nudge employees to make better decisions.

“What we found is that the data made it real for people – when they saw their score, they were motivated to improve their behavior. In addition, the feedback from the team was so positive – they hadn’t seen anything like that before!”


“We are so happy with the results with Elevate Security”, said Fowora, “we want to partner with vendors who can help us show efficacy and Elevate Security is one of the few that can do that.” Fowora sighted that since launching the partnership with Elevate Security, she has seen:

More Compliance

Fowora and her team have seen a big uptick in the Vimeo team’s diligence about security since launching with Elevate Security. Overall reporting increased “significantly” after Elevate Security’s Pulse communications “the security team was overwhelmed with the number of requests for people wanting to install password management software. Social proof was a real game changer for the Pulse send. We couldn’t believe how well the teams were complying!”

Enhanced Culture

“I would say that the Elevate Security platform has really improved the security culture within Vimeo. People now proactively reach out to help and engage, enhancing our team’s security brand. I think that this was due, in part, to employees feeling like we are more invested in their personal security posture when they received their personalized Pulse emails,” commented Fowora.

Improved Internal Partnerships and Communication

Fowora and her team actively seek partners who can help with risk and compliance but also “security team ROI” as Fowora describes it. Elevate Security’s dashboards help Fowora and her team show efficacy at a moment in time and over time which is valuable in optimizing programs and communicating value internally. 

“I am pretty certain that I will take Elevate Security with me in my next role. They are providing value that I have not been able to find anywhere else and I am happy with our partnership,” said Fowora.