Gain Key Insights About Human Risk in your Enterprise

Quickly pinpoint your riskiest teams and employees at your organization

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What is Human Risk?

Over 90% of breaches are caused by poor security decisions made by your employees and contractors. These decisions run the gamut from simply clicking on phishing email to uploading sensitive data to the cloud or using weak passwords. As your employees make thousands of such decisions everyday, each wrong decision makes your organization more susceptible to the next cyber attack. Human risk is the quantified view into these decisions across your entire organization. Elevate Security brings immediate value by measuring, reducing and communicating this human risk in your organization.

Transform security log data into actionable human risk insights

Integrate incident data from disparate security technologies into the Elevate Security platform to uncover critical insights around human risk. Human risk scores sheds light on your entire employee population based on the security decisions they make every day. It gives you clarity into the riskiest employees and groups, benchmarked against industry data and your peers.

Spotlight risky behavior and take remedial actions

Show where and how employee decisions are putting your organization at risk. Leverage insights into teams and individuals to gain visibility into your employee’s and team’s real-world security decisions. Change decisions with timely nudges and individual insights on security performance. Save time and money by focusing your security budget on the teams and individuals that need it the most.

Uncover value in weeks, not months

With a robust library of integrations and industry leading security architects, time to value for our enterprise customers is three weeks or less. Gain critical insights quickly, to strengthen your security posture before the next cyberattack.

Our goal was to show employees that security can make their lives easier. We had to find a solution that worked with the Dolby culture and improved employee’s security actions the most.

Eric Etherington, CISO, Dolby