Build a Culture of Cyber Resilience

Track your progress and enable your entire organization to strengthen your cyber defenses.

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Reduce the likelihood of human error

Individual security decisions can have large, sometimes disastrous- consequences for your entire organization. Track your organization’s progress and reduce this risk by giving your employees and teams the tools to improve security decisions. Better individual security decisions add up to create a culture of cybersecurity resilience. Strengthen your defenses by reducing human error across your organization.

Spend security budget where you actually need it

Gain quick, sharable insights into your level of current human risk, trends, and best practices. Give your security teams the tools they need to actively reduce human risk. Enhance Incident Response teams remediation capabilities with actionable human risk insights surfaced just-in-time or as an early warning indicator.

"Elevate Security risk analytics also provides management, "Heat Map" visibility to high risk groups with the capability to drill down to specific behaviors. This level of actionable insight is extremely valuable in assessing security risk and defining corporate awareness strategy."

Yinka Badmus, VP, Global Security Risk Operations, Equifax